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Recognizing the lost


Digital archeology utilizes technology to showcase indigenous artifacts in a new form.


Nowadays it is common to see indigenous cultures being eroticized and exploited. This project looks through the lens of technology to bring to light the cultural context of how we see objects of value.


In a modern sense, we are taking these digitized archeological artifacts not to create replicas but instead to form familiar original versions. 

Artistic intention:  


-The uses advanced 3D digitization technology to transform historical and archaeological artifacts into digital models. These models are then brought to life in virtual and augmented reality, offering an immersive and interactive experience. This digital approach ensures respectful preservation and global accessibility of cultural heritage, without the need for physical artifact removal.

Museum Integration 

  • The starting point is to propose 3D digitization of historical and archaeological collections. 

  • It helps spread knowledge about them and guarantees that they will be passed to future generations. 

  • Building 3D models for the public can also be done in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Scholars from all around the world can utilize digital copies to publicize archaeology or draw attention to a particular institution or location.


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